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Realm of Reviews April 19, 2010

If you’re interested in writing reviews, or just finding other locations that offer helpful book reviews, here is a list of sites and publications I found particularly beneficial as I worked on my project:

Publisher’s Weekly: One of the most respected print sources for book reviews.  The organization also has an online presence that features exclusive Web content and daily updates not available in its print form.

Kirkus Review: Alone with Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus stands as one of the leaders in book reviews.  Its online forum posts over 500 reviews every month of pre-published titles.  The publication covers all genres of literature. 

BookReporter.Com: This online-only site offers thousands of reviews updated daily.  The website has over 400 contributing reviewers and an easily accessible application process to pull in new volunteer reviewers.  BookReporter.Com is a great place for aspiring book reviewers to break in their writing chops and gain exposure.  Another online-exclusive organization that offers reviews of a wide range of books.  Readers from all over can visit the site and find commentaries on all genres ranging from anthropology to gardening to historical fiction to romance.  Novice reviewers can also contribute their work to the site after passing a screening process.

New York Times: Particularly the Sunday edition of this well known paper provides in-depth, honest discussions about the latest books to watch for.  Its online extension provides great daily features and special exclusives with authors. 

VOYA: Voice of Youth Advocates.  This is a scholarly magazine aimed primarily at educators teaching young adults.  However, it provides excellent critical pieces on the latest texts for YA readers.  It’s website also provides great links to reviews and other sites focused on YA literature. 

This list is by no means exhaustive.  Typing “book reviews” into an online search engine will yield thousands of results you can sift through to find more information about writing and reading book reviews.


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