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Welcome to the Site April 19, 2010

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     A few months ago I began diligently searching for a job that would support me in my post-graduate life. Knowing I wanted to do something involving writing, I searched for all potential fitting positions.  On an online job search site I came across a posting for a website looking for book reviewers.  Something clicked in my head—a genuine light bulb illuminating moment.  Why couldn’t I do that?  I love books.  I love discussing books.  I love writing—and I have plenty writing experience to boot. Because I didn’t know much about the technical process of book reviewing I decided to investigate. 

     Around this time I was tasked to design a project for my senior seminar course that explored or reflected the identity of professional writing.  This assignment provided me with the perfect opportunity (and time) to fully explore and introduce myself to the world of book reviewing. 

     This blog serves as both the final product of my senior seminar project and a resource to showcase my own book review samples.  On the accompanying pages visitors can find a variety of materials detailing the history, process, and examples of book reviews.  These materials include a timeline of important events in reviewing history, explanations of what book reviews are and who writes them, a list of helpful sites for book reviews, samples of my own reviews, and a personal reflection of this project. 

     So for those of you interested in learning more about book reviews, hoping to write book reviews of your own, or looking simply for a good book to read, I aim to meet these needs.  Hopefully my posts will help you find your own voice and develop your own way of interpreting and relaying the messages of a book.