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Adult Books April 19, 2010

     While I don’t believe in classifying books by age on a personal level, the divide does provide an effect way to manage this particular review blog.  So consider this a section that reflects on more “mature” literary endeavors.  At this point, the books you find highlighted can be considered victims of circumstance.  They are titles I had readily available, books recently purchased but ignored due to lack of time available for recreational reading.  (One great thing about book reviewing you can essentially read for fun, while gaining recognition and/or monetary compensation.)  So keep in mind, these books weren’t selected for any particular reason—accept for arbitrarily being pulled out-of-place from my bookshelf.  Nevertheless, I hope you find enough variety to satiate and expand your reading fancies.   As time progresses, I will develop a more efficient, less biased, in choosing my review titles.

***Reviews of Adult books will be posted on the home page and categorized under “Adult Reviews.”